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Real soon we are starting Delivery from Ajman China Mall Product on Demand Cash on Delivery
Starting Real Soon Products Delivery Products On Demand Cash On Delivery
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The Products Delivery & Cash on Delivery (COD) will be launched real soon! Stay Tuned

This is a Trial Feature

Wish, Click, Receive – Doorstep Delivery from Chinamall ajman

Welcome to Chinamall Ajman, your ideal destination for hassle-free product sourcing from China Mall Ajman, UAE! 

Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional shopping. Simply fill out the form, and attach images of your desired products.

Our dedicated team will swiftly arrange your order and ensure it’s delivered right to your doorstep within 24 hours. 

With our efficient service, you can enjoy a convenient and smooth shopping experience. Let’s make your shopping dreams come true at Chinamall Ajman!

Product On Demand Form

Coming Soon

How To Order From Chinamall Ajman

At China Mall Ajman UAE, we prioritize making the online ordering process smooth and hassle-free for our loyal customers. We are structuring our system to help you save moments that matter.

Once live, you would follow these 4 easy steps:

1. select Product

1.Pick Your Product

Did something catch your eye online? Ready to make it yours? Simply note its name or snap a picture.


2.Reach Out via WhatsApp

Send over the picture of your selected product to the WhatsApp (will be mentioned soon), and we’ll get back with an attractive pricing offer.

3 Delivery Information

3.Share Your Delivery Information

Once the product price is agreed upon, let us know where to deliver, and our dedicated staff will ensure a speedy dispatch of your items.

Payment Option

4. Flexible Payment Options

Upon receiving your product, you can choose to pay with cash upon delivery or opt for one of our multiple online payment methods. 

Popular Brands From China Mall Ajman

Soon we will ship yours desired brands products at your doorstep. Just message us on WhatsApp with your required product image to get best price quotation.

Why Choose Chinamall Ajman For Your Online Shopping?

We are setting the standard for hassle-free online shopping from China Mall Ajman. From the moment you lay eyes on that perfect item, we are coming soon with our process, that will makes it easy to select, order, and receive your purchase swiftly.

If you have questions or seek specific price insights, our WhatsApp line will offer prompt support. And once your decision is made, our efficient team will ensures your items are dispatched without delay.

With diverse payment methods, including the ever-convenient cash on delivery, China Mall Ajman prioritizes your shopping ease and satisfaction.

Stay tuned, we are coming real soon with something really big.

Fuel Your Savings, Not Your Car

Why traverse the distance between Sharjah and Ajman when you can access the mall right from your screen? Shopping at China Mall Ajman online not only saves you travel time but also conserves fuel and money.

Effortless Shopping from Your Space

China Mall Ajman makes online shopping a breeze. Relax on your couch, browse, and select with just a few clicks. Even better? If you spot a product elsewhere, just share its image with us, and we’ll handle the rest. It’s all about convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Authentic Prices, Delivered Direct

When you shop from China Mall Ajman online, you receive items at the genuine mall prices. So, why expend energy and resources traveling? Embrace the smarter way and enjoy the savings that come with it.

We Will Source Products of These Categories

These are just the tip of the iceberg, we are getting the list bigger, so that you can get your desired items of any categories.

Wrist Watches

Pet Food









Men Collection

Men Fashion

Women Fashion

Air Conditioner

Gift Boxes


Bedroom Accessories








We are standing alone

We Will Be The Singular Online Gateway to China Mall Ajman - Real Soon

Dive into a shopping experience like no other. We will be not just another online store; we will be the only portal where you can access the treasures of China Mall Ajman remotely.

And what’s more? We champion the lost art of cash-on-delivery, ensuring you hold the product in hand before parting with your money. It’s not just about buying; it’s about experiencing trust, exclusivity, and unmatched convenience every time you click.

Choose us, and you choose more than a product – you opt for a commitment, a promise, and the distinct luxury of China Mall Ajman, all without stepping out of your home.

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